Guava leaves contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and antibacterials which make them have an abundance of health benefits. These leaves are more important than we think.

Among the many health benefits, here are five incredible reasons you should place more importance on guava leaves:

1) It cures diarrhoea

Guava leaves help treat diarrhea [shutterstock]Guava leaves help treat diarrhea

Drinking any extract of guava leaves helps to treat diarrhea by loosening the bowels, reducing the frequency of stooling and reduce the severity of diarrhea.

You can take guava eave tea, or a capsule of its extract, or adding a few drops of the essential oil to a cup of warm water.

2) Reduces Cholesterol levels

Guava leaves help to reduce cholesterol levels [NARP]Guava leaves help to reduce cholesterol levels

Due to its low saturated fat content, a regular intake of guava leaf can help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides which can cause adverse health issues.

3) Prevents diabetes

Guava fruit and leaves [long nigerian hair]Guava fruit and leaves [long Nigerian hair]

The high fiber content and catechin in guava and its leaves can help control diabetes by slowing down sugar absorption and glucose level in the blood.

This hypoglycemic effect on the body may help to prevent type 2 diabetes.

4) Treats cold and catarrh

Guava leaves help treat cold and catarrh [WebMD]Guava leaves help treat cold and catarrh

The high Vitamin C and iron content in guava leaf allow it to act as a relief for cold and catarrh. It helps to remove mucus and disinfects the respiratory tract, throat and lungs.

5) Relieves itchy skin

Guava leaves tea help to reduce itchiness [agrihome]Guava leaves tea help to reduce itchiness [agrihome]

According to some dermatologists, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties of guava leaves can help to reduce skin itching and redness.

Crush guava leaves into a paste or boil crushed guava leaves till the water becomes brown and concentrated. When the mixture cools down, use a cotton ball to apply the juices on the affected areas.