File photo: Gavel

A Justice of the Court of Appeal, Justice Sir Dennis Dominic Adjei, is calling for court proceedings to be televised to give the public accurate happenings in court.

This, according to him, will give an accurate report which will eliminate allegations of bias and counteraccusations against the courts.

According to Justice Sir Dennis Adjei, access to Justice and free flow of information also includes open court telecast of court proceedings.

In the country so far, apart from the 2012 and 2020 Presidential Election Petitions at the Supreme Court, no other court cases have been televised on the screens for the public to watch.

Speaking at the 2022 Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Annual Lecture on the topic: “The Parameters and Impact of Right to Information in Ghana, Justice Sir Dennis Adjei said, access to Justice includes “open justice.”

“Access to justice includes open justice which permits free flow of information in court proceedings through television and other print and electronic media to give an accurate report of what transpires in court to avoid allegations of bias, accusations, and counter-accusations against the courts where only print journalists are allowed.

“The importance of access to information cannot be overestimated. This is necessary for the development of every democracy.

“Today, (Thursday, May 5), I have shown the various means by which information can be accessed by various individuals.

“These avenues must be explored to further foster transparency and accountability from the leaders who we as a people have elected,” the court of Appeal judge noted.