A 15-year-old teenager did not know she was pregnant until she went into labour in front of her parents on the living room floor in their family home.

Despite having regular periods and no symptoms except for a bit of heartburn, the Year 11 pupil discovered she was about to have a baby on the night after first day back to school.

As she was getting ready to go to bed, she began feeling pain in her lower back and screamed for her mum, who was shocked by what she was seeing.

The TikTok user, who uses the name Alexis on the platform, has now shared intimate details about how she gave birth to her son in a viral video.

As her mum checked under her skirt, she saw the top of the baby’s head through the opening of her daughter’s vagina.

“My mum mentioning she had heartburn when pregnant with me, me realising I have had a bit of heartburn lately and taking a pregnancy test during the summer holidays.

“The test being negative and me still having regular periods and no more symptoms, goes back to school for my 1st day in [year] 11 on September 5.

 She has now shared what happened during her pregnancy and on the night she have birth in a viral video (Picture: alexis.queen18/Tiktok)
She has now shared what happened during her pregnancy and on the night she gave birth in a viral video (Picture: alexis.queen18/Tiktok)

“Having a perfectly okay day back at school. Getting ready for bed having a bit of back pain so taking painkillers and thinking nothing of it.

“Not sleeping all night due to the constant back pain, waking my mum and dad up at 6:00 am telling them and they think I’m just trying to get a day off so into my uniform I get.

“Going to the toilet before I set off to school and having the urge to push, me screaming [for] my mum and telling her I think I’m giving birth.

“My mum shouting at me to come downstairs then looking up my skirt to check and going into shock when she sees a head, my dad running out the door for pregnancy test.

“She has now come to understand she experienced a cryptic pregnancy.”

Cryptic pregnancy is a pregnancy that goes undetected or unnoticed, so there may not be any typical pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, nausea and vomiting, missed periods, and abdominal swelling.

Normally it affects either young women, who have never experienced a pregnancy, or women who believe they have gone through menopause and who choose not to use contraception.