Chief Executive Officer of Amarlogix Ghana Limited, Nii Armah Ashitey, has asserted that cheating in a relationship does not only have to do with having sexual intercourse or having a romantic vibe with someone else aside one’s partner.

Putting forth his understanding of cheating, he stated that cheating is when one is not content with anything that comes with his or her relationship and goes out to have sexual affairs or build intimate relationships with other people.

However, according to him, it is not only in this situation that one can conclude that someone has cheated on his or her partner.

He mentioned that some people also lack certain important characteristics of a relationship like communication and in this case, he made known that going out of the relationship to communicate to someone else things that should be communicated to one’s partner, is also termed as cheating.

“When you do this, you are starving your partner from the things he or she require and that is also considered as cheating. From my perspective, cheating is not only when you go out to have sex with someone else, ” he said.

He noted that some people cheat on their partners just for the fun of it, others cheat because they are not happy in their relationship and some people also cheat because they probably may not be getting what they were expecting to get from the relationship. He again confessed that for some men, they only cheat because they cannot resist temptation, hence it is sometimes not their fault.