Horace Ekow Ewusi

Information available to adomonline.com has it that the national executive of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has set aside the decision of its Central Regional branch to suspend the party’s 1st Vice-Chairman in the region, Horace Ekow Ewusi.

That decision by the executive has been deemed by the national executive to be inconsistent with the party’s disciplinary processes and as such, they have asked the regional executive to go back and “follow due process”.

According to the adomonline.com sources within the NPP, the decision was taken at a meeting of NPP national executives.

Party sources say the national executives also took strong exception to the actions of some party members in the region who went on the rampage last week, vandalising the regional office and property, for what they considered as unfair treatment of Mr Ewusi by the National Chairman.

The executive is set to officially communicate its decision on the impasse in due course, our source has confirmed.

Mr Ewusi was suspended by the NPP chairman in the Central Region, Robert Kutin, about a month ago after he allegedly refused to respond to a petition by one Edward Okraku Adum, who accused him (Ewusi) of engaging in criminal acts including drug peddling, escaping from prison in the UK as well as illegally auctioning seized excavators from mining sites.

His failure to respond to the allegations which he considers to have been made up by the petitioner led to his indefinite suspension by the executives who subsequently referred him to the Regional Disciplinary Committee of the party to further probe the matter.

That decision has led to serious unrests within the ruling party in the Central Region.

Last week, scores of party activists in the region massed up in protest against their executives’ decision to suspend the Vice-Chairman.

That was the second time they have demanded Mr Ewusi’s reinstatement; only this time around, matters took a turn for the worse.

After storming the party’s office during the demonstration in Cape Coast, they went further to smash all the glazed windows as well.

Prior to that distasteful action, 10 out of the 23 Constituency Chairmen in the region, had in a statement cum petition, disassociated themselves from the suspension describing it as “divisive”, “illegal” and “too personal”.

Some have therefore concluded that per the party’s decision, Ekow Ewusi’s suspension becomes invalid and the status quo before the brouhaha reared up regarding the leadership roles at the Central Regional level remains.