Moesha Boduong

Actress Moesha Boduong has subtly confirmed that she underwent plastic surgery to achieve her current voluptuous figure.

Moesha has thrown shades at another female industry player, saying she was surprised those who criticised her [for undergoing surgery to look curvacious] are now queuing for the same thing.

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Moesha in earlier interviews had denied allegations that she went in for plastic surgery, insisting she only booked an appointment for liposuction, a process where excess fatty tissues are removed from under the skin by suction, to increase her hips and butts.

In her latest post in which she is seen jamming to Shatta Wale’s Melissa song, Moesha jabbed, saying, “so for all these years 😍😍you were admiring and trolling me 🙄who was the jealous person here?? 🙄lol …i inspire you 😊”

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It is unclear who Moesha is referring to but her caption shows clearly someone who insulted her is now patronising plastic surgery and flaunting it on social media.

In another post, she gave a long piece of advice to people who hate and envy her on social media.

“Have you ever met someone who always gives mean and unnecessary comments about everything you wear, how you look, whatever you do and you choose to buy or even how you carry yourself? Don’t worry. Forgive them. It isn’t your problem. With any kind of mean person, or someone who insults anyone, there’s always a reason for it. There is that sadness in them or insecurity that makes them feel like they need to act out or tear down other people. If only they could see the greatness in themselves, they wouldn’t envy the greatness in others,” she posted.

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Source: | Dennis K. Adu | Instagram: dennis_slym