File photo: A cell

Cynthia Martinson, the Sub-regional Director of the Obuasi unit of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), has called for the expansion of police cells as the present state where suspects in police cells sleep, eat and ease themselves at the same place is not the best.

Speaking to Adom News, the Director, who visited the Tutuka Divisional Headquarters and Obuasi Central Police Station to apprise herself of their challenges, commended the stations for their human rights record as no person had been detained for more than 48 hours.

The Obuasi Divisional Commander, Chief Supt. Joseph Nyaaba, said personnel at the various police stations were inadequate and called for the posting of more men/women to the Obuasi Division.

The commander also indicated that theft cases had gone down in the Division but called for sensitisation of drivers to reduce lorry accidents on the Yamoransa-Obuasi main road.

 Chief Inspector Amon Koitei, the Obuasi Central Station Officer, also commented on the state of the police cells and said the current cells were not modern-day cells.

 He appealed for new cells where suspects would not eat, sleep and ease themselves at the same place.

The Station Officer commended AGA Obuasi Mines for providing the police decent accommodation for their personnel.

Source: | Adom News| Isaac K. Normanyo