The family of a 17-year-old second year student who was allegedly poisoned in school is demanding justice.

Boris Commodore of the Saint Stephens Presby Senior Technical School complained of stomach pains after he took milo and gari after prep. He allegedly started vomiting blood and was pronounced dead before arriving at the hospital.

Brother of the deceased Jeffery Commodore said he suspects foul play and also blames the school authorities for not acting swiftly.

“I can only be satisfied if I know the cause of my brother’s death whether it was poisoning so the Police can pick up the culprit.

My brother had complained of stomach pains for close to three to four hours and then he started foaming and vomiting blood and after complaining to the hall master he told him because of the distance from the school and the hospital he had to wait till morning and the only thing he took was Milo and Gari after prep, I suspect foul play”.