Gospel musician, Empress Gifty, has sent out a word of caution to men who mishandle the breasts of their female partners.

According to her, the breasts of women are fragile, hence the need for one to fondle them with care when making love.

The gospel musician explained that mishandling breasts could cause a sudden turn-off in some women, adding that, it can also be painful when the nipples are mistreated.

Men who suck their wives ‘ breasts like they are chewing sugarcane should stop. They said I should tell you that their breast is hurting. They said you fondle the breasts like you are chewing sugarcane. When you put it into your mouth, you tag painfully on the nipple.


Sharing some bedroom tips on how couples can spice up their sexual life, Empress Gifty said soothing words and touches can increase libido even when your partner is not in the mood.

She urged couples to go beyond their usual sex routine to create exciting memories whenever they get under the sheets with their partners.