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Listen: Anlo residents call on govt to accept Western Togoland State


Residents of Anloga in the Volta region are calling on the government to stop chasing their leaders and accept the Independent Western Togoland as a State.

According to the residents, they are in full support of the Independent Togoland State which has been in existence for many years.

Speaking in an interview with Adom News, the residents revealed they are already natives of the independent State.

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“The Western Togoland has already been created and that’s where we are now so Ghanaians should be in their country while we stay in our Western Togoland,” a resident said.

Another resident also said Ghana has nothing to offer them and they believe the Western Togoland State will ensure better development.

Meanwhile, the Amankrado for Ho, Mama Agbesi Cecilia, a 107-year-old woman, has pledged her full support for the Western Togoland State.

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She argued that Volta region has a lot of resources which can generate more revenue for the people of the Western Togoland State and therefore pleaded with the government to handover the resources that belong to Volta Region to the independent State which has already been declared.

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