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SONA: Govt to construct 5 technical schools


Government is to begin construction of five new technical institutes in the country.

The construction is to boost technical education and technical know-how in the country.

President Akufo-Addo disclosed this in the 2022 State of the Nation Address in Parliament Wednesday, March 30, 2022, saying that “Within the next few months, the construction of five technical colleges will begin in various parts of the country.

“Three technical institutes will be upgraded to tertiary status.”

In addition to that, the President said “The initial phase for the construction of nine TVET campuses will commence next month in Bosomtwe, Akyem Awisa, Boako, Kenyasi, Patuda, Dambai, Larabanga, Guabuliga and Tolibri. These campuses will have academic facilities, workshops, laboratories, hostels and staff accommodation, and provide further access for training.”

He indicated that some technical institutes will be upgraded into tertiary status.

On the youth, President Akufo-Addo stated that some youth will be given training in creative arts to unearth their talents.

“This government remains alive to its responsibilities to the Ghanaian people. The difficulties of the time notwithstanding, we intend to continue to grow this economy and bring prosperity. That will only happen when we continue to invest in the future.

“Our children will continue to be educated and be equipped to run a modern and digitalized economy. The Free SHS and Free TVET are the best vehicles we have devised to take us to the realization of our goal of an educated and skilled workforce. The computerized school placement is currently ongoing and the latest batch of JHS students will soon embark on their Free SHS and Free TVET education.

“The TVET institutions are being upgraded and equipped to enable them train the increased numbers of children that we want to be attracted to that sector to meet the modern needs of our economy. This year, I will be commissioning some of the 34 refurbished National Vocational and Technical Institutes (NVTI’s) across the country. The refurbishment comprised the construction, rehabilitation and equipping of laboratories, workshops, additional classrooms, hostels, and administrative offices.

“Government is in the process of securing financing for the construction of five STEM universities in five new Regions, that is Western North, Savannah, North East, Ahafo and Oti regions. Steps are being taken to turn the planned Bunso campus of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development into a standalone, independent University focused on the study of Engineering. Construction of this campus is set to begin within the next three months.”

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