File photo: Soldiers

Soldiers have been deployed to Sapeliga, Pulmakom and Kulungungu near the Ghana-Burkina Faso border, over suspected Jihadist attack.

The situation has reportedly resulted in the death of 12 persons and a few others abducted.

The incident occurred on Sunday, January 30.

“I have seen few more Military, not to do with the Bawku conflict but Jihadist or the terrorist filtration from neighbouring countries. So I think this Military can help us to patrol our borders to prevent them from coming to disturb our peace,” Supt Simon Peter Akabati, Bawku Divisional Police Commander, told TV3 in an interview.

The affected community is not far from Kulungungu near Pusiga and Sapeliga in the Bawku West Districts.

An eyewitness account suggests some residents of Wariwewu, crossed the border to Kulungugu and Sapeliga.

Military helicopters have been seen in the area, especially Sapeliga and Pulmakom while ground troupes are also in vantage points monitoring the situation.


Sources say there is currently heavy security deployment at Sapeliga, Kulungungu and Pulmako, at the upper east border on surveillance.

A number of armored vehicles are currently on patrols at the Sapeliga township and all unapproved routes in the Bawku West district and other border towns.

Meanwhile, the Zugraana of the Kusaug traditional area, Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II, has urged all people in the area to promptly report any suspicious movement to their traditional areas to the security agencies.