Couple holding hands
Couple holding hands

It’s one thing to know that a guy is hitting on you. But it’s a whole different thing when you get to know that your friend’s partner is trying his luck on you. Sounds weird, right? So if you are in a similar situation and need to find out about the same, we’ve listed down a few signs that you can pick on.

02/6Your friend tells you her partner keeps talking about you

Your best friend has a really cool boyfriend who became friends with you in a really short span of time. You all hang out together sometimes and it’s all fun and games until your friend starts telling you how her boyfriend keeps mentioning you every now and then. You try to figure out why is he even talking about you to your best friend so often, but you can’t really decipher!

03/6He notices things about you that your friend doesn’t

Now, your friend and you might be very close to each other. You both know things about each other that maybe nobody else does. But you start realizing that your friend’s partner has been taking a special interest in knowing you and even complimenting you about it. This is strange for you because these are little things that even your friend doesn’t notice.

04/6He invites you to all the plans

Hanging out with a bunch of friends can be a great idea. Especially if your friend’s partner is cool with letting you be a part of their plans. But now, he’s started inviting you to almost all the plans, whether your friend wants you there or not.

05/6He is all over your social media

It’s one thing to acknowledge each other’s presence on social media and commenting on each other’s pictures every now and then. But you’ve been noticing that he replies to almost all of your Instagram stories, leaves a cute comment on your posts and has even been sending you selfies.

06/6He tries to flirt with you

When you all are chilling together, he makes statements that are downright flirtatious but he shrugs off saying he’s simply being nice. You try not to make it awkward around your friend so you play along, but deep down you have a gut feeling that he’s hitting on you.