Sista Afia and Medikal in her
Sista Afia and Medikal in her "Weather" music video

Ghanaian female music sensation, Sista Afia, has debunked claims which suggest that Medikal wrote the verses in her new single ‘U Got Nerves.’

The ‘Weather’ hitmaker has been the talk in the showbiz circles with some flawless piece of rap skills, something she has not been known for.

But Sista Afia in an interview said rap had always been part of her and refuted claims of Medikal writing her verses.


“I wrote the verses in my new song and Medikal played no part. I sacrificed my sleep to put all these verses together without no input from him.

“The style might look similar to that of Sarkodie, Manifest or Medikal but that doesn’t mean it’s their writings. I love these rappers so definitely there’ll be similarities when I’m writing my rap verses.

“If for nothing, I should be given credit for that, because I put in a lot of efforts,” she said.

Sista Afia’s new single has aroused interest in the rap game among female artistes with the likes of Eno Barony and Freda Rhymes expected to respond.