Bull Dogg, former Manager of Shatta Wale’s is alleging the self-acclaimed dancehall king planned to kidnap one of his boys.

The motive for this action, Bull Dog revealed is over a paltry GHC600.00 Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) royalties.

He expressed shock his former ‘best friend’ could stoop so low to plan a kidnap when he [Shatta Wale] brags of being one of the richest musicians in Ghana

I thought they were into music. For 600 Ghana Cedis? I thought these guys were rich. He made it seem as if we have squandered some huge money. We won’t squander his money …” Bull Dogg said on Hitz FM.

This unfortunate incident occurred after the Spokesperson for GHAMRO, Prince Tsegah earlier told Accra-based Citi FM that the musician is guaranteed of his royalties, as soon as they are able to settle issues about the mode of transfer for the royalties due him.

“Shata Wale has received royalties once from GHAMRO. As far as our records are concerned, in 2015, when he was under BullHaus Entertainment, we paid some monies to a specific mobile number, which was given to us by his management…”

But the self-proclaimed Dancehall King through his Facebook live post disclosed he hasn’t received any funds on the mobile money account and vowed to retrieve it from former manager, Bull Dogg.

Bull Dogg said in response said the GHC 600.00 was sent to his account hence he expected the kidnappers to come for him and not his fellow colleague.

He added that, he won’t let the matter be at ease as such his team has reported the incident to the Regional police CID to work and investigate the matter since kidnapping is a serious criminal offence.

According to Bull Dogg, GHAMRO owes him way over the GHC 600.00 thus could not fathom why Shata Wale will employ such criminal tactic to reclaim his money.

“I have three four times that money at GHAMRO. We have taken steps to report to the regional CID. They are working on the case. We thought it was a girl calling him for business. Unknowingly, it was one of Shata Wale’s guys, Bone and blade who masterminded the kidnap plan…”

I think it’s unlawful and they don’t have the right to do that. You can’t take the law into your hands. I had to find out. He is even sick. The thing is still eating him up. This is a serious offence. . I don’t want confrontation with them when we get there, they would know the truth in the matter. . It is not huge money but that is how they have made it seem…”

“Maybe he needs to pump his tire or buy gum with the money. The money came to me. I received the money. They should have kidnapped me….” He added.