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Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, has been in the news after his altercation with road engineer Kennedy Acquah, who was tarring roads in his neighbourhood at East Legon Adjiringanor.

On Monday, May 31, 2021, the news broke that Shatta Wale had allegedly assaulted the road contractor for not extending a road being constructed to his office.

The story continued that Shatta Wale allegedly hired hoodlums who rode on motorbikes to the construction site to deal with the supervisor, Mr Acquah, who was in charge of the project.

Speaking on the Daybreak Hitz show, Mr Acquah said he earlier had an encounter with Shatta Wale where the singer asked him to do his best to tar the road leading to his office but he declined and asked him to speak with the Department of Urban Roads under the Ministry of Roads and Highways.

Subsequently on Monday, when he was working at the site, he said Shatta Wale approached his workers and asked them to stop the work and after he, Mr Acquah, disagreed with him, he left to bring his “squad” to discipline him.

This black Landcruiser drove through the barricade. He then parked on the freshly laid asphalt and asked the guys to stop the work and asked them why they haven’t extended the road to his side.


I asked them to remove and continue the work. When I said that he came to me and assaulted me verbally… He walked to his office and between 11 and 12 he came with thugs on motorbikes.

When I said I am the one in charge here one slapped me and abused some of my workers… there are swellings on my face and right arm and pain in my right rib. I have reported to the Legon Police and they will soon pick him up.

Meanwhile, speaking with Shatta Wale on the same show, he denied trespassing the newly constructed road to assault the workers.

He explained that he went to the site to see the contractor because no notice had been served on them, adding that, he also wanted to plead with him to tar his road because he suffers a lot anytime it rains.

The Shatta Movement boss said Mr Acquah disrespected him even when he was trying to reach a consensus with him by ordering his workers to work without recognising him.

We didn’t do anything violent. Do you know how much water comes into my house when it rains? I asked them to let me see the contractor because the agreement was that they were coming to fix my road. I am not above the law. I just wanted to help.

I asked that who was in charge of this place? The guy in charge then said don’t mind him work… that’s why I came back with my boys… if he spoke to me like a human being, I would have listened but he was talking to me like I was nobody, Shatta Wale said.

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