Everyone gets turned on by different things.

Some may have sober kinks but there are people who have the weirdest sexual fetishes that you can’t even imagine.

Here is a list of 7 such fetishes that may or may not amaze you, depending on what is your poison.

Warning: Do not make a face as what disgusts you, maybe someone else’s indulgence.

Cake farts

A very bizarre fetish indeed, here a girl is made to sit on the cake and then fart on it.

Some even like their woman farting while having sex.

Balloon fans

There have been stories where some men love having balloons in their room while having sex. It somehow turns them on.

Orgasm control

This may be common in some places but it is unfair to the receiver. Here the submissive partner is brought to the edge of climax and suddenly forced to stop.

This is repeated a number of times. This is a major turn on for the dominating partner as he/she gets to control the reins, deciding when the other should orgasm.

Watching their partner pee

It is common knowledge that some men are turned on when they watch a woman pee but interestingly some women too feel horny when they watch their man do it.


Bondage sex is common but did you know that some women love torturing their men by touching them everywhere while their hands are tied and they cannot move?

It is an automatic response when you want to hold your partner too while they are giving you pleasure but tying the hands and feet while the other goes down on you, can be a major turn on for some people.

Sex with ghosts

There is role play and then there is sex with someone dressed and behaving like a ghost.

Usually in this situation, the ghost is a female and she is there to have sex with you while you are sleeping.

Adults in diapers

This fetish is also known as Autonepiophilia where adults act as babies – literally.

One partner is to dress up as a baby in a proper diaper and the other acts like “mommy” or a nurturing figure. Rest we leave to your imagination.