Lt Jerry John Rawlings
The late Jerry John Rawlings

The late former President Jerry John Rawlings was typically known as a charismatic person but he also had a rather unique sense of fashion to his persona.

During his years as leader, J.J Rawlings had a peculiar choice of fashion dating as far back as his young days in Achimota School and during his tenure as military leader during the PNDC era.

The late Ghanaian president, just like those before him, always made a conscious effort to put Ghana on the global map through what he wore.

For the big occasions during his democratic tenure in office, J.J Rawlings was rarely seen wearing suits as he would prefer wearing a traditional smock and on other occasions, he donned either three-pieced boubous or loosely threw cloths over his shoulder.

This fashion sense continued until his demise in November 2020.

But a recent image from 1986 has emerged and once again shed light on the peculiar charisma and fashion sense of the late Ghanaian president. The photo is from him attending the funeral service of former Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme.

This time, J.J Rawlings is seen wearing his military attire and surrounded by ace Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata who were being ushered into the service.

The image credit is given to the photographer; Anita Loshmanova.