Scores of residents in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have been displaced with several others trapped in their homes as Ashalaja, Weija, Oblogo and Tetegu areas flood.

The residents have described it as a crisis situation as many homes have nearly been submerged.

Some have had to use canoes to avoid drowning. They describe the situation as a crisis.

According to them, the flood is a result of an overflow of the Weija dam.

“This stretches from the Weija dam. We heard that there was an overflow at Nsawam and anytime this incident happens, those around the Weija, Oblogo, Tetegu are the victims because there would be a flood definitely. Most property have been washed away and I think right now they need the help of NADMO,” a resident narrated to JoyNews.

The flood started on Sunday evening but is currently at a very fierce level which has caused many residents to leave their homes.

“It was coming little by little on Sunday evening so we thought it will go down. Then this morning it was too much, we had to leave our various houses…there are still some stuff stuck in the houses. It normally happens but it has not really been this much,” a lady said.

“I think at this point, it is quite dangerous because I have seen the water has reached a new level,” another resident stated.

JoyNews’ Michael Papa Nii Ashaley reported from one of the communities that vehicles are stranded on roads in Ashalaja with many residents abandoning their homes.

Meanwhile, NADMO and Municipal authorities are on the grounds to help affected residents.