Over one hundred people at Pampaso No. 1 in the Nsawam Adoagyiri Municipality in the Eastern Region have been rendered homeless after land guards allegedly pulled down their houses.

The incident was reported to have occurred around 3:00 am.

According to Adom FM’s reporter, Frank Asante, land guards were seen in the community with bulldozers pulling down the houses of the people.

“The people here were sleeping when they saw their light go off. When the light went off, they saw a bulldozer pulling down the houses in the community,” he said.

“Those who were engaging in this activity had masks on and were with guns so when they knock at a door then they force you out and pull down your house,” he narrated.

Mr Asante reported that phones which belonged to the people were seized to prevent them from calling the police.

“No one was allowed to take anything from their rooms and all phones were seized to prevent them from calling the police,” he noted.

“Some 15 houses have been pulled down,” he reported.

The actions of the masked men were said to have angered the youth of the community, leading to them blocking all roads leading to Kumasi and Accra around 6 am,” he added.

“The land is said to belong to one man identified as Kofi Acquah who has sold it to some Chinese investors,” Asante’s report said.

The displaced families, he said, do not have any place to stay at the moment but the police are said to be around to ensure their safety.