The Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP) has sent a strong warning to caterers who are not cooking for children.

The program says their attention has been drawn to series of reports affirming that some caterers in some schools across the country have not been cooking for the pupils for a number of days.

Head of Public Relations of the program, Siiba Alfa, in a release, intimated that the conduct of such caterers amounts to a violation of the contract agreement they have with GSFP.

She said caterers who have refused to cook for the children would suffer deductions in their payment for all the non-cooking days.

“Per the contract agreement, caterers are supposed to pre-finance the cooking service for a whole term or more and so we expect them to strictly adhere to their contractual obligations with the Ghana School Feeding Programme,” she stressed.

Siiba Alfa, however, commended caterers of the program for their patience over the delays in the payment of their first term arrears.

She thanked all caterers, especially, those who faithfully discharged their duties throughout the second term in spite of the delay in the payment of the first term arrears.

“We thank them for their dedication towards their obligation of providing daily meal for our school children across the 260 districts,” she stated.

Below is the full statement