If you think you have heard the most bizarre of stories in Ghana regarding crime and the upsurge in same, wait till you are told of the latest and the most shocking of all.

It is the story of how the uniform of a policeman on traffic duties was not enough to scare off three phone-snatching robbers.

A video currently making rounds on social media has captured the moment when the three robbers on a motorbike snatched a police officer’s phone.

Seconds before the robbery, the policeman could be seen engaging in a conversation with a caller, only for the criminals to snatch his phone in a Hollywood movie-style.

The video shows that the police whose concentration was on another motorbike that had crossed a red light into an intersection of a roundabout was visibly bewildered by the share bravado of the criminals as he stood helplessly in surprise.

The phone-snatching trio saw the police officer’s lack of concentration as an opportunity to strike, and upon riding close to him, launched their God-forsaken attack.

The robber seated at the very end of the motorbike snatched the phone while the middle man alerted the rider to speed off.

The distraught police officer stopped another motorbike, perhaps with the intention of chasing the criminals but the video ended without before that scene could unfold.

He could be seen making a call on his walkie-talkie to alert colleagues to be on the lookout for the thieves.

Watch the video below: