Mrs Ciara Antwi

Reverend Obofour’s wife has proven she has always been a woman of curves by shutting critics up with a throwback photo.

Rev Mrs Ciara Antwi, popularly known as Bofowa, posted the 19-year-old photo on Instagram to go back into times as she presses on for the future.

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“Life can only be understood backward but it must be lived forward,” were the motivational words she captioned the photo which has caused a stir.

The throwback photo depicted a young woman, dressed in jeans and blouse with a head scarf to portray her innocence.

Despite being decently dressed, her curvaceous stature was still evident, proving she is naturally endowed.

Meanwhile, barely two months after delivering triplets, the mother-of-five has bounced back to her former physique as she steps out in style.