File photo: Gun

A popular former Mathematics Tutor in various schools at Bole, including the Bole Senior High School in the Savannah Region, has been shot dead by an unknown person or people at the outskirts of Bole on his way from his farm on 20th March, 2021

Reports say Mr Soale was probably shot dead with his own gun by the unknown person or people because he was carrying a single barrel gun which could not be found at the crime scene, meaning the murderer(s) after the act ran away with the gun.

The murdered Mr Soale, who is known to be soft-spoken and very humble, after many years of teaching at Bole, took a transfer to Wenchi in the Bono Region and after retirement went back to his hometown of Bole where he went into farming.


He was on his way from his farm which is just on the outskirts of Bole to the east and met his untimely death.

The Police at Bole has taken over the case and are investigating but no arrests have been made so far.

The body has been kept at the Bole Hospital mortuary and is likely to be buried today by the family in line with Islamic practices.