A fuel tanker has been involved in an accident around Bimbila in the Nanumba North municipality of the Northern region spilling out its content.

The Tanka crushed into another vehicle and a police barrier at dawn Friday, December 2, 2022.
at Lepusi before it somersaulted several times spilling it’s content.

Residents saw this as a windfall and rushed with containers to get their share of the booty.

According to a resident, Adam Abdullah, though the police tried to drive away the residents it was difficult till the fire service arrived and started pouring water on the ground.

“The police tried to send them away but they were still fetching the petrol and couldn’t care less about the danger,” he said

According to the Northern Regional Public Relations Officer of the Fire Service, Hudu Baba, the fuel tanker”s brakes failed crushing into another vehicle which was carrying assorted drinks and punched into the police barrier and somersaulting several times.

He said the fire service was on stand by in case of any fire outbreak.

He said while on standby the team was also cooling the tanker to stop it from heating up.

“We are in the harmattan season and any little heat can cause a fire outbreak, so we are ensuring that the place is protected,” he said