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Ghanaian celebrity massage therapist, Ransford Afari, has articulated that love-making is a necessity because it is an exercise.

Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s Kasapreko Alomo sponsored adult show, ‘In Bed With Adwen’, he said that making love on a regular basis helps to build the immune system and it is very necessary to keep the immune system strong so it can effectively fight diseases and infections.

He commented that aside the fact that God gave men genital organs to reproduce, it is also to have sex to build the immune system so it can fight prostate anxieties.

‘’If a man decides not to have sex for whatever religious or personal reason, the likelihood of him getting prostate cancer is very high when he is about 37 years of age and upward. It is good to have sex but do it sensibly in order not to attract any Sexually Transmitted Diseases,’’ he said.