A former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Prof. Stephen Adei has stated that reading Bibles, chatting on WhatsApp and watching Television programs at workplaces are marks of incompetence.
He advised people not to take their Bibles to workplaces but to read them in their various homes before going to work.
The Professor who said he’s a Christian recalled that he almost sacked one of his workers for reading the Bible in the office.
Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he challenged institutional leaders to punish workers who watch films on Televisions and read their Bibles during working hours.
‘These days you go to an office and they have a television at the reception and people will be watching, I get so angry, people are watching these South African films translated into English and other things. You go to offices and people are busily chatting on WhatsApp when they are supposed to be working. Why do you need a television at office?.
“If you are Christian, read your Bible before you come to work; don’t read Bibles during working hours that you are paid for. Those ones are definitely marks of incompetence and the leaders or managers must be held accountable, its a question of attitude, I expect people to be self-disciplined,” he pointed out.