A clash between some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress and the governing New Patriotic Party has caused some delay for passengers travelling to Tamale from Kumasi.
Members of the two parties, are laying claim to a bus terminal at a suburb of the capital – Alabar – causing confusion and distress for the many travellers who access the terminal.
The bus terminal is supposed to be operated by the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU).
Joy News’ Kwesi Debrah was at the scene and reports that the confusion started when members of the NPP asked passengers to disembark from a KIA bus and board a vehicle they had provided.
This baffled operators of the station who questioned their rights to make such demands and changes.
Alaba confusion
But the NPP members were angered by the query.
They demanded that the operators, who they claim are members of the NDC, move out of the terminal to enable them to manage the station since their party is in power.
Members of the NDC bemoaned the behaviour of the NPP supporters. They said many reports to the authorities for previous actions of this nature to be dealt with, have not been fruitful.
Debrah said some of the passengers have had to return to their homes while the police have arrived at the scene to cool tempers.
A report that two people had sustained machete wounds was not confirmed by the police.