Netizens worldwide are in jubilation as Nigerian music titans, Davido and Wizkid set aside their long-standing feud to smoke peace pipe that thrilled fans at the Evenintheday event.

The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the two icons, alongside Zlatan, were seen side by side, sharing embraces and vibing to the beats.

Wizkid and Davido, who have been at loggerheads for years, showcased a new chapter in their relationship as they not only hugged and conversed but also danced together.

The duo showered patrons with $100 notes as they looked on in dismay.

In a heartening moment, Davido introduced members of his 30B gang to Wizkid, who warmly welcomed them.

This reunion follows a recent revelation by Davido that Wizkid had reached out to offer condolences after the tragic passing of his son, Ifeanyi.

The unexpected turn of events at the club signals a fresh start in their friendship as fan believe their iconic reunion could lead to a massive collaboration.