Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Sgt. Atsu Sekey, the regular police dispatch rider of former President Jerry John Rawlings narrowly escaped death at the hands of suspected robbers last Saturday night, when they shot at him severally at the Community 22 junction, Tema.

Sgt. Atsu escaped with a broken arm bone and has since been transferred from the Tema General Hospital where he was first admitted to. 

A security source tells Graphic Online no less than 16 pellets had been removed from his body and that “He was saved by his instinct…he jumped behind a truck and that saved him.”

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Sgt. Atsu was said to have closed from work and was heading home when he was hit by the driver of an unregistered Toyota Corolla who was driving in the wrong lane.

“The driver hit Sgt. Sekey whilst maneuvering in the wrong lane and failed to stop. This led to a hot chase and after Sgt. Sekey caught up. After he caught up with the car in a dead end and got down, the guy managed to turn and rush on the rider with the car and started shooting. It was likely a second person in the car who did the shooting”, the security source told Graphic Online.

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The source said the intent of the attacker(s) was to “fatally hurt him”, and that it was at this point that he instinctively jumped behind a truck to save himself.

Source: Daily Graphic