Kumawood actress, Rosemond Brown says she lied when she told Ghanaians that rapper Medikal nearly raped her. 

According to her, there was a an agreement between her and Medikal that she was going to produce a video but Medikal was unaware of what the content would be.

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Asked what Medikal told her when they met, Rosemond said Medikal admitted that he is a fan of her and to appreciate him, she decided to make a video for him.

“Oh, Rosemond Brown; I’ve been watching your videos each and every day, five times a day before I sleep.” she said Medikal told her when they met.

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“And I said oh really. And I told him that I will give him a video… [Medikal is] aware that I will do a video for him but he didn’t know what I was going to say in the video…”

“It’s just a joke and he knows that it is a joke. And I informed him before doing the video”

Medikal, however, has called for an apology from her for tarnishing his image.

WATCH VIDEO: “Rapper Medikal nearly raped me” – Kumawood actress alleges