Prof. Stephen Adei

Ghana has spent a lot in policy formulations and implementation to be able to bring development to the nation but the effort has not been fruitful due to the absolute neglect by politicians.

Speaking on the issue, a former rector of GIMPA, Professor Stephen Kwaku Adei, who doubles as a former Board Chairman of the Ghana Revenue Authority, has chided politicians for not adapting and implementing policies of the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC).

According to him, instead of politicians following the plans of the NDPC to develop the country regardless of the party in government, they rather choose to draw their own plans, hence the current hardship.

He believes if nothing is done about it, the country will continue to fall on its knees.

Professor Adei, while commenting on the government’s engagement with IMF, made this statement on Burning Issues hosted by Akua Boakyewaa Yiadom.

“It’s not only this but all the government’s that have come to power, they never regard the NDPC and this has contributed to this current situation. If nothing is done about it, the country will continue to fall on its knees.

“They could have given themselves let’s say 100 years and develop the country, by now the country wouldn’t be facing this hardship”.

He went on to say that the NDPC has plans on which the government in power could use to develop the country, however; there is no law which says the president should be punished if he fails to use the plan and that the party in power is sometimes even controlled by their General Secretaries.

“It’s not that there aren’t plans, there are but there is no law in the constitution that indicates that the president in power should be punished if he fails to work with the NDPC, so you cant force them to use the NDPC.

“The late Prof. John Evans Atta Mills tried to amend that but unfortunately fell ill so his members disregarded it. Sometimes General Secretaries in those various parties tend to stand in, if it’s NDC you will hear Asiedu Nketia talking too much and the other General Secretary in NPP,” he fumed.