A trio of violent convicts are suspected of killing a fellow inmate, and cutting out the pedophile’s heart out with just a toothbrush in a brutal Brazilian jail.

Three prisoners reportedly killed a fellow inmate by stabbing him in the neck and cutting his heart out with a sharpened toothbrush before hacking off his penis and stuffing it in his mouth.

Convicted paedo Alex Sandro de Souze Mota, 30, was found dead by prison guards on the floor of his cell with his heart removed and wrapped in a plastic and his penis stuffed in his mouth.

News site Ndmais reported Mota, who was serving time for raping his five-year-old stepdaughter, died as a result of a blow to the neck carried out by an unidentified inmate.

The 30-year-old paedo was found with organs missing and his penis shoved in his mouth

The police reported that they believe three inmates, identified only as L.B.R., K.R.I. and J.M.S.C., were responsible for the killing.

L.B.R., 22, is believed to have killed Mota by stabbing him in the neck with a toothbrush while K.R.I., 22, and J.M.S.C., 31, assisted by mutilating Mota’s corpse.

The body was sent for autopsy and the investigation is ongoing.

An arrest warrant for murder has been issued against the three suspects.