Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

Happiness is far away from Princess Shyngle’s home as she announces losing her brother to the cold hands of death.

The Gambian announced her elder brother, Samba Jallow’s passing in a social media post, Sunday evening.

In some last chats with her brother, Princess hinted she had an eerie feeling, before quizzing her brother if all was well.

The actress, who did not disclose more details of the death, remarked that she is finding a hard time coping with his absence.

She described him as her advisor, protector, the life of the party and a prayer warrior.

“Never in a billion years did I ever think I’d be typing this for you. Damn this one hurts, I’m just sitting here reading our chats and listening to our voice notes and still can’t believe you’re gone, you’ve left me bro. We had plans Samba, this one hurts so bad,” she posted.

Princess Shyngle pledges to take care of her sister-in-law as well as their sons since the breadwinner is no longer available to fend for the family.