A 27-year-old woman, identified as Gladys Yaaba, has been pronounced dead in what Asuaba residents suspect to be poisoning.

Pregnant Yaaba was found groaning in pain with her mouth foaming, shortly before she passed on while being transported to the hospital.

Speaking to Adom News’ Krobea Asante at the family house, some relations revealed that madam Yaaba, though had marital issues with the husband, used to visit her mother-in-law.

It was on one of such visits that madam Yaaba’s mother-in-law noticed she was pale and swollen, and assured her of taking her to the doctor the next day.

However, after serving her cola drink, the said mother-in-law is said to have exited, only to be called back to meet an unconscious madam Yaaba.


Meanwhile, the Adeiso District Police Commander, ASP Baffour Awuah, indicated that an autopsy could provide more details surrounding her death.

The deceased left behind two children, a male and a female with the last child being six years.