Divorce is imminent as popular artiste, 2Face Idibia, and his actress wife fight dirty on social media.

Annie Idibia washed their dirty linen in public when she took to her page to rant about suspected infidelity on the part of 2Face.

In the lengthy post she made, she disclosed that she has put up with many flaws in the marriage in a bid to keep their status as an enviable couple intact.

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Annie however said the last issue to warrant her calling out her husband is the fact that he spent time under the same roof with his baby mama, under the guise of taking the children for holidays.

Despite agreeing for 2Face to have quality time with his other children from previous relationships, Annie revealed that the deal did not include him constantly sharing a bed with his baby mama, Pero.

She also alleged that not only did they spend nights at Disneyland, they were welcomed together as a couple into the home of 2Face’s brother, and then again, made to share a bed.

For this, Annie believes 2Face and his family have plotted to end their marriage of over 8 years and usher Pero in as her replacement.

2Face is silent on the accusation, but, his brother claims that is far from the truth.

In series of counter-rebuttals, the brother hinted that Annie has been involved in dubious games, including using black magic to sustain their marriage, for which nemesis is catching up with her.

He added that 2Face is dying slowly in the marriage but is holding on for the sake of their children.

To add fuel to the already blazing fire, Annie’s brother has sided with the Idibias while announcing his decision to disown his biological sister over her evil doings.

Netizens including Annie’s colleagues have also condemned her for taking their marital problems to the social media court rather than seeking counsel from their family heads.

Annie has deleted her marital name from all her social media platforms, a move many have translated to be a start of divorce.