Prophet Nigel Gaisie
Prophet Nigel Gaisie

In the run-up to the December 7 elections, some men of God, including Prophet Nigel Gaisie, prophesied victory for the National Democratic Congress.

But, as the results will have it, the prophecies turned out to be false.

In an interview with TV3, popular gospel musician, Nicholas Omane Acheampong, has said prophecies that proclaimed John Dramani Mahama as the winner of the 2020 elections were fake and not from God.

“All that they were saying, most of them, they don’t know anything concerning prophecies,” the ‘Zaphenath-paneah’ composer said.

“I have worked with most of them. Most people you see as men of God, they are not pastors. Stop following the so-called men of God, majority of them are fetish,” the acclaimed singer revealed.

He, therefore, advised the so-called men of God to remove their cassocks and consider becoming full-time politicians.

“We are all sinful people but we shouldn’t deceive God. When they are saying that Nana will lose, at the end of the day, he won. President Mahama is going to win, at the end of the day he lost. I am asking those pastors, What God were you talking about?” he queried.