Law Professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare has described as a crisis the mass failure in the 2018 West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

According to him, Ghana’s future is under threat if seven out of 10 students cannot pass basic English, Mathematics and Integrated Science courses.

The 2018 WASSCE results have been described by some as poor following revelations over 190,000 Senior High School (SHS) graduates will not make it to the university because they flunked English Language and Core Mathematics in the final exams.

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The 2018 results released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) show that candidates who obtained grades A1 to C6 in the three core subjects (Core Mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science) are as follows:  Core Mathematics – 120,519, representing 38.33%; English Language – 147,232, representing 46.79%; and Integrated Science – 158,691, a score of 50.52%.

Furthermore, the number of candidates who failed to obtain grades A1 to C6 in the three core subjects are as follows: Integrated Science – 155,436, representing 49.48%; Mathematics – 193,882, which represents 61.67%; and English Language – 167,404, which also represents 53.21%.

Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Tuesday, Prof Asare said the mass failure is unjustifiable.

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He said admonished the curriculum developers to revisit it and make it friendlier for the students to learn and pass their exams.

Prof Asare called on government to set a five years benchmark to reform the educational system if they want the trend reversed.

“Our children cannot compete with those in Singapore or Malaysia so we must invest heavily in education to change the status quo”.

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  1. It is better that our papers are being remarked because I know that I don’t deserve a failure.How is that possible?
    Our scripts needs to be given time to be marked well. If you say majority failed the English language, Mathematics (core) and integrated science, I do not accept that to be true. Take your time and mark our papers for us.

  2. Ghana man you here saying as soon as you see shortcuts you just mark the person so you think you have done the best…Someone’s Spents three years in school even somtimes without food ..sleeping in class and whole lot of stress they put themselves in and you just marked the person down just because of petty mistakes God is looking at you .I recommend WAEC to mark the papers again or to rectify mistakes if they is a way thank you