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Director of Operations at the Accra Regional Police Command, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Kwesi Ofori, is worried at the growing menace of illegal demonstrations in the country.

Addressing the media after the arrest of 18 trainee teachers at the premises of the Ghana Education Service (GES) Monday, ACP Ofori said the police will adopt measures to deal with individuals who embark on demonstrations without informing the police.

About seven leaders and 11 members of a group calling itself Coalition of Unposted Trained Teachers were arrested by the police for picketing at the GES.

The architects, who are yet to be identified by JoyNews led scores of protesters to represent about 3,000 teacher trainees nationwide to demand their posting.

“That pattern of people embarking on illegal demonstrations by not informing the police should come to a halt,” ACP Kwasi Ofori indicated.

“Police will assert itself, we will ensure that authority prevails and that henceforth we will not take it kindly with persons or group of persons who on their own, embark on demonstration without recourse to law,” he stressed.

ACP Kwasi Ofori, however, advised groups and persons who intend to embark on protest marches henceforth, to inform the police five days ahead of the action to allow adequate security preparation to prevent any confrontation with the security service.

“The law is for you to inform police ahead of time. We will not promote or encourage anarchy. We will carry out the spirit of accordance in all our dealings with public demonstrations,” he said.