The Late Prof Emmanuel Yaw Benneh was killed in his home at Adjirigano although there was no sign of force entry

A cleaner working in the house of law professor with the University of Ghana, Professor Yaw Benneh has narrated to the police how he killed his master.

Director-General of the CID, COP Ken Isaac Yeboah told journalists at a media briefing on Friday, that James Nana Womba’s motive was to rob but the professor was killed because he resisted.

According to him, based on forensic evidence gathered from the crime scene, the cleaner was subjected to further questioning and he broke down and confessed.

COP Isaac Yeboah who presented Mr Nana Womba to the media said the suspect told investigators he masterminded the murder of the professor.

“Initially, he mentioned the names of some suspects but he has just changed that assertion and he has now mentioned somebody else so now they are going to the crime scene. In fact, he has admitted that he did commit the crime with one other person,” he told the press.

He said Nana Womba explained that this was because he had a duplicate key of the professor, “which the professor didn’t know he had so together with the other person that he has mentioned, they murdered him.”

COP Isaac Yeboah said the suspect told them the idea was to rob him but the professor was not giving in as they had expected so they hit him with an iron rod.

They then tied him up, gagged him, until he died.

James Nana Womba is said to have taken the CPU from a desktop computer at the house, which he hid in a septic tank.

He also made away with two mobile phones and an amount of ¢450, but police say some items have since been retrieved.

Prof Emmanuel Yaw Benneh was murdered in his Adjirgano mansion although his body was found three days later.

According to reports, there was no sign of a break-in or forced entry at the house.

COP Isaac Ken Yeboah said the motive that has been gathered so far during the investigation was that the suspects intended to rob the deceased of some money.

“He has given us a clue as to where he has sold some of the items so we are following it right now,” he said.