Police officers

Superintendent Paul Mensah Bampoh, a retired officer, has backed the Ghana Police Service over its response to the Afro barometer survey on corruption.

The Ghana Police Service released a statement responding to the afro barometer survey indicating their disappointment.

The Ghana Police Service believes the survey wasn’t appropriately done and that it will trigger a bad prejudice about the Service.

According to the retired officer, the Service works effectively, yet, gets nothing in return and to make matters worse, they are being perceived as the most corrupt institution.

To redeem the glory, he recounted how some police officers make sacrifice just to make their jobs attractive.

“Ghana Police Service is the institution that still works effectively regardless of the situation but don’t get anything in return. The officers sacrifice and sometimes even use money from their own pocket during their line of duty and if perceived to be corrupt, then it’s so discouraging.

“It reduces the respect Ghanaians have for the police. I will never dispute the fact that some police officers take bribe,” he stated in a media interview.

Supt. Bampoh further mentioned the media as one of the factors triggering the corrupt notion about the Ghana Police Service.

He said most media houses rather forgo the recommendations about the police and highlight the bad side of them, hence being painted black.