David Apasera, PNC Flagbearer

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has said it would win five parliamentary seats in the northern part of Ghana in the upcoming general election.

The seats are Sisal East, Talensi, Pusiga, Bulsa South, and Nadoli.

PNC General Secretary, Janet Asana Nabila, said the party was fully prepared to win this year’s presidential election.

She described the northern part of the country as the party’s electoral stronghold: “We are ready to claim the votes from the northern part of the country.”

Madam Nabila said the PNC presidential candidate, David Apasera, is currently campaigning in the Upper East Region, while the Reverend Dr Divine Ayivor, PNC vice presidential candidate is capturing the Volta Region for the party.

She said the party had already put up their monitoring teams across the country that would be going around on the election day to ensure that they will not be short-changed.

Madam Nabila said the party was well prepared for the elections and had assigned national executives to each region who would be on the ground to control the party’s election day operation.

She said: “Ashanti Region, which seems to be the largest region in the country in terms of electoral coverage, we have assigned three national executives to Ashanti Region in an operation penetrate the Ashanti stronghold.”

She added that they have assigned two national executives to each of the other regions in the country to supervise and observe elections in those regions.

Madam Nabila said the PNC has deployed about 150 national executives and other personnel as observers on behalf of the party, in addition: “We have assigned two party agents to each constituency.”

She said the party is contesting in 39 constituencies.