Ella and Alexa spoke up about their experience on TikTok (Image: TikTok)
Ella and Alexa spoke up about their experience on TikTok (Image: TikTok)

Two plus size models have hit out at a nightclub, claiming they were both refused entry because of their size.

Alexa Jay and Ella Halikas say that it was “dehumanising” and people were looking at them like “scum of the earth” when they were denied turned away from The Highlight Room in Los Angeles.

The pair took to TikTok to share their experience and are encouraging other curvy women to speak out against similar discrimination.

Alexa said that she had been invited to the club for a friends birthday and was with a group of around 15 other girls, adding that she was “definitely the biggest in the group”.

The group were waiting in line to meet the club promoter when they bumped into Ella who joined them.

Alexa recalled that the promoter began letting in the whole group of girls but when he got to her she said: “The bouncer puts the rope, looks me up and down and says “yeah, not tonight'”.

After trying to explain she was with the group he’d been letting in, the bouncer still refused to let Ella and Alexa into the club, Alexa added: “At that point it was extremely apparent what was going on and that I was being discriminated against because of the size of my body.”

Ella said that they were left feeling “sick to their stomachs” about how they were treated and revealed that it wasn’t the first time something like this has happened to them.

She said: “He wouldn’t give us an answer, we didn’t know why and to be honest with you we’re tired of playing safe and we’re tired of just letting this happen and not speaking up about it.

“This has personally happened to me three other times, I know this has happened to her before and a lot of our curve friends as well and it is not okay.”

The parent company of The Highlight Room, Tao Group Hospitality, said in a statement it was aware of the incident and in contact with the pair regarding their experience.

“We are always appreciative of feedback on our operations and continue to work on how to improve our guest experience. Our company does not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” the company said.

The women said the incident was ‘dehumanising’ ( Image: TikTok)

Alexa and Ella have both acknowledged that they have been contacted by a manager to discuss the incident but feel the venue hasn’t gone far enough.

In a follow-up video on TikTok they issued an update on the situation, saying: “So far we have been extremely disappointed in how Highlight Room is handling this”.

“It makes me feel like they’re not taking us seriously”, Alexa added.

The women said that they want to talk to “the big guys at the top” who are hiring these bouncers and creating these policies.