Unless you’re living under a rock, you would probably be aware of the massive dew of blessings that the Adom Live Worship team has been showering on Ghanaians.
On their usual market-to-market campaign, the Adom Live Worship team stormed one of the ‘biggest’ marketplaces in Ghana – the Makola Market with host Kwamena Idan and popular gospel musician Rose Adjei.
The patrons who were mostly market women portrayed an intense interest in the event whiles some of them danced happily to the live band gospel praises that were sang.
The Adom Live Worship team delivered a powerful moment of worship that got some of the women rendering testimonies after.
Rose Adjei’s turn of the microphone lighted up faces of patrons who even showed queer interest when the team arrived to set up venue.
Nonetheless, there was a platform provided to some endowed patrons who wanted to show their endowed singing skills.
See the photos below:V

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