The sudden death of a popular philanthropist at Larabanga in the West Gonja Municipality in the Savannah Region has shaken many homes in the community.

Residents say the deceased was the breadwinner of many vulnerable at Larabanga and his death has served them a big blow.

The deceased, 58, is said to have committed suicide on Tuesday.

According to the residents, the deceased was seen in town the previous night with his colleagues, and they are still finding it difficult to come to terms with the reality of his death.

“Samba gave his cow to Alhaji from Engbaripe to sell for him. So, he sold it and came and called him to come for the money and he said he was coming. But Alhaji waited in vain and went home only for us to see Samba’s body hanging here this morning,” a resident said.

But some residents said they are suspecting foul play because another herdsman unknown to the deceased came and stayed with him briefly as a Mallam but vanished on the eve of his alleged suicide.

A popular tourist at Larabanga, Ahmed Mohammed, explained to JoyNews why they suspect the Mallam.

“You see, Samba just married a second wife from a different community not long ago. But he knows that woman was another Fulani man’s wife he went in for. He didn’t also know that the Fulani man that came to him two months after his second marriage was a fake Mallam who came to stay with him (the deceased) because that was the former father-in-law of his second wife.”

“He convinced Samba he was a big Mallam helping people so, Samba told the town people and many even took loans from people and went to the Mallam. Also, he prepared ritual water in a big calabash for Samba to be bathing and so, it was when Samba died and we went to tell the family about it that they said the Mallam left the previous night and we suspect him because it was like he came to revenge his son’s former wife being taken away from him,” Ahmed indicated.

Police at Damongo later went in for the corpse but handed it over to the community for burial after visiting the Hospital. But the residents will not give in on their suspicion as they pledged to join hands with the police to hunt down the man they call, a fake Mallam.