Persons living with HIV in Ghana say they are at their wit’s ends as health officials begin rationing anti-retroviral drugs meant to sustain them.

JoyNews understands the medications are fast running out and should completely run out by May if nothing is done about it.

According to the President of the National Association of Persons Living with HIV, Elsie Ayeh consignment of ARVs procured by the Health Ministry cannot be traced, raising suspicion it may have gone missing.

Mrs Ayeh noted that they last obtained a supply of antiretroviral (ARV) medication in October 2023.

Additionally, Mrs. Ayeh mentioned that she had received information indicating that more medicine had been procured through the Ministry of Health and was expected to arrive in Ghana between mid-December and the end of December in 2023, but unfortunately, it did not arrive.

“As I sit here, those ARVs have not arrived. In fact, they cannot be traced. Usually, when they are procured, you know, they are on the high seas; they are at the harbor waiting to be brought out and waiting to be cleared; this is a complete blackout on information”.

This has led to reported rationing of anti-retroviral drugs meant to sustain persons living with HIV.

Mrs. Ayeh also pointed out delays in releasing malaria commodities, such as malaria medicine, which arrived at the port in May 2023.

She stressed the importance of timely distribution, especially as malaria cases tend to increase during the rainy season.

According to her, among the items awaiting distribution are bed nets for malaria prevention and test kits for early detection of malaria.

“And then injections; sometimes you are given the medications, the tablets, but then when the quantity of the MP is so high, you are given injections; those injections are also stuck at the port, that is, for malaria; the 200 containers stuck at the harbor contain mainly malaria commodities.”

Meanwhile, the Director General of the Ghana Aids Commission, Dr Stephen Kyeremeh Atuahene has debunked claims that a consignment of antiretroviral procured by the Health Ministry cannot be traced.

“I am aware that the government procured ARV to fill the gap at least starting from May and if we do not receive government-procured ARV, that is when we begin to have shortage but presently, I cannot anticipate any shortage as being alleged and then speak to it specifically.