The Kontihene of Ejura has expressed shock over the methodology employed by security forces to restore order during riot in the town.

The youth went on rampage over the death of social media activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, aka, Kaaka.

The police called for military reinforcement who fired into the crowd leading to the death of two and four sustaining gunshot wounds.

The Kontihene, Nana Odiasempa Antwi Obugyei II, who was at the scene, expressed shock at the conduct of the security.

“They came for peace, not to fight anybody. So I am very, very surprised,” he said on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem programme Wednesday.

He said the chiefs of the area have tried their best to avert any more fatalities after the death of Kaaka, who has been described as a crusader for the community.

According to him, when the traditional leaders heard of Kaaka’s demise, they were worried that it could cause an uprising, thus, the Ejurahene, Barima Osei called on all the community members to ensure that peace prevails.

Nana Obugyei said in spite of the chaos, they have been able to calm the youth in the area to allow the police to deliver justice.

“This morning, the Ejurahene spoke to a sizable number of the people, including the Zongo Chief and most of the elders. They assured us that calm is going to be maintained,” he added.