Head of Public Affairs of the National Ambulance Service, Simon Yusif Kewura, says Ghanaians who need their services would need to cater for fuel cost.

Speaking on Adom TV’s Badwam Show, he noted that the issue of ambulance charges will continue to persist due to resource constraints.

“These ambulances for constituencies have some jurisdictions which sometimes make it difficult for them to travel longer distances outside of their jurisdiction due to financial constraint.

“Also in some cases where a patient needs to be transferred to another hospital or take an x-ray, we will plead with the patron to help us cater for fuel cost in order to cover for emergency cases,” he said.

Meanwhile, he criticised workers who extort fuel money from patrons during emergency situations.

“It is untrue that patrons need to pay fuel cost during emergencies before the patient is transferred. It is supposed to be legally free,” he said.