Patapaa is a Ghanaian hiplife artiste

Chief Executive Officer of Young Mission Entertainment, Nana Amoako, says Pataapa Amisty is ungrateful and he regrets working with him.

It would be recalled that Pataapa recently embarked on an European tour and though the tour went down pretty well, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker accused his Europe tour promoter of lying and threatened to sue him for not paying him fully after the shows.

According to Patapaa, the promoter didn’t pay him what he promised and he felt cheated.

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But, reacting to the allegations, Mr Amoako said he was disappointed in Patapaa’s management team.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, he said he initially didn’t want to work with him but had to do so because he admired the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker.

“Initially I didn’t want to work with Patapaa, but I changed my mind later. I’ve done lots of work for Patapaa for free, so if by any chance there is a money issue, which I told you I’ll sort you out even if the Norway promoter refuses to pay, you shouldn’t go out there and be tarnishing my image. Patapaa is an ungrateful artiste and I regret working with him, this will be last time I’ll be working with him,” he said.

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He added that Pataapa, while in Europe, gave him headache but he overlooked it and moved on because he respects artistes whether they’re famous or not.

“Tell you what, Patapaa gave me a lot of trouble while in Europe, but out of respect for artistes, we didn’t say anything because it’s part of the business so we just overlooked the troubles and moved on.”

Mr Amoako has, meanwhile, promised to pay Patapaa what is due him by the end of the week.