Rapper-turned-pastor, Lord Kenya, says he knows more than five musicians in the country who are successful because they have sold their souls to the devil.
Lord Kenya was quoted by ultimatefmonline.com as saying that when he was in his prime as a rapper, he was invited to join Illuminati, which is believed to be a secret cult that makes entertainment personalities successful once they agree to work for the devil.
“… a respectable person in society contacted me to join but I refused to yield to his demands. Some have sold their souls to the devil; that is the truth…. if I have no record at all, I know at least about 5 of such musicians in the country”, he said.
Lord Kenya won Hiplife Album of the Year at the Ghana Music Award in 2001. He won Ghanaian Rap Music Award at the Anansekrom Festival in Canada 2000 as well as a string of other awards.
He, however, abandoned music and became a born-again Christian, saying God revealed himself to him while he (Kenya) was going to buy “wee”.
Popular celebrities across the world have long been accused by conspiracy theorists of being part of secret societies like the so-called Illuminati.
The conspiracy theorists allege that the riches, fame and power of such celebrities are directly linked to their membership of secret cults.
In the US, celebs like Jay Z and Beyonce are among the favourite targets of such conspiracy theorists.
In Ghana, several celebrities have had to deny allegations of them resorting to “juju” or black magic to becoming rich and famous.

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